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New Amp design with custom made Transformers, Chassis, and Cabinets. Check out the Details.

Solid wood Walnut, Cherry or Flame Maple speaker borads.

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Metro Fountain Blues Festival



RonTWayde Audio Sponsor of the San Jose Fountain Blues Festival!



Some really excelent guitar players took on the FireCat Amps and showed their soul and musical talent.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth. You made our time there a musical event that was truly amazing.

Our special show prices to celebrate this event and are available through July 2011.

Stock is limited and demand is great so please email us now so you don't miss out on this most excelent offer.


Check The FireCat Amps Store page for a look at the current models.

Go to Find a FireCat for locations where you can hear The FireCat Amps in action and testimonials from current owners of the cat.











FireCat Amps!

The FireCat amp sounds and looks even better than ever before.

All Natural Wood Cabinets
Solid Walnut,Cherry or Flame Maple Speaker Board
Steel Chassis
Custom Transformers "Made in the USA"


An all New! Inside the FireCat page for a look at the new details and construction of the amps.

Now You're Playing With Fire!!

The Wayde Audio™ website is the home of great guitar amplifiers. Makers of the FireCat® - Hand Wired All Tube Amplifiers made in the USA. Have a look at our company mission and philosophy.


What you want in your music is what you want in a guitar amp. A good act can't compare to the real thing. True tube tone brings soul and emotion to your music.

The Players Boutique™

High quality tube amps priced for musicians.


An amplifier that becomes an extension of the player. Every note and nuance of the instrument rings out true.


While other amplifiers force their American or British sound onto the player FireCat amps let the audience hear the pure sound of strings and wood of the guitar. The artist is free to utilize guitars and settings to bring out either classic American or British tones.


Most amplifiers these days don't include classic tube driven spring reverb. Why? Because it's hard to get it right. FireCat amps include the best sounding reverb we've even heard. You can set the control up to hear almost 100% the sound of the wet reverb signal, or down to add just a touch to take off the edge. And of course, everywhere in-between. The reverb circuit also adds a warmness to the sound of the amp, even when switched off. No guitar amp should be without reverb.


What makes The FireCat Amp have the guts and soul to bring out the emotion of the music? What's in a soul? Classic tube design taken to new levels. Modern electronics for consistently reproducible sound and soul. The magic of the sound is built in by design. Progressive power supply filtering of each individual gain stage keeps the ghosts out of the machine. Ground control keeps your buzz down with galaxy earth wiring and chassis isolation.